About our cashmere

Our cashmere fibres come from cashmere goats, raised on the freezing cold mountains of China and Mongolia. The goats grow their soft, downy winter coats for protection from the climate but naturally shed it in warmer temperatures. Mongolian farmers then comb the fleece to gather the fibre. From here-on in, the raw cashmere fibre can begin its transformation onto the most inspirational luxury fashion catwalks and into the collections of leading international designer brands.

Heritage Cashmere constantly travels to China in pursuit of the finest cashmere fibres, as all our cashmere is bought directly from Inner Mongolia and meticulously inspected before manufacturing. Selecting the right cashmere materials makes all the difference and it is a delicate balance of fibre properties that we look for in our manufacturing. There are several consistent factors we require to ensure each product we deliver is of the highest quality: the length must be between 34-36mm with a micron of no more than 16. Both attributes guarantee superior results in garment pilling, while maintaining the beautiful soft handle for which cashmere is renowned.

Heritage Cashmere specialises in sourcing, weaving and knitting, printing and finishing the cashmere once it has been dyed and spun into yarns. From there, Heritage Cashmere creates the luxurious scarves, stoles and knitwear, which it delivers from Yorkshire each day.