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A cashmere goat, whose sustainable downy fibres creates the world's softest products

More About Cashmere

Cashmere fibre comes from the cashmere goat, and whilst cashmere goats can graze successfully in several countries, none offer the same special landscape as Mongolia

Cashmere is an extraordinary fibre, but quality cashmere is a rare & precious commodity. It is only the freezing mountainous landscapes of China & Mongolia where the cashmere goat grows its soft, downy wintercoat for protection from its arid climate. This winter coat is then naturally shed for the warmer climate, after which Mongolian farmers comb the fleece to gather the fibre; from here-on in, the raw cashmere fibre can begin its transformation onto the most inspirational luxury fashion catwalks.

For Heritage Cashmere, our specialities are in material sourcing, weaving, knitting, printing & finishing, but before any of these stages, the cashmere fibre must be dehaired, dyed and spun into yarns from which we work with to create beautiful scarves, stoles & knitted garments that we deliver each day from Yorkshire.

Known as the centre of the Woollen Industry, by the early 1900's, West Yorkshire had a well-established repuatation as a leading producer of cloths and fine woollens, highly sought after around the world. The early weavers of the time have Yorkshire's beautiful natural landscape to thank; here, the confluence of several major rivers brought pure, clean soft waters filtered from the pennines, ensuring woven fabrics could be washed & finished to the highest standards found nowhere else - a tradition which though a niche now in Yorkshire, Heritage Cashmere still continue today.