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A selection of cashmere yarns used in our manufacturing

Our Cashmere Material

Only with the highest grade raw material can you begin to create cashmere products of real beauty & quality, and the length, diameter and colour of cashmere are some of the most important factors.

Selecting the right cashmere materials makes all the difference and it is a delicate balance of fibre properties that we look for in our manufacturing. Whilst the properties of cashmere that we use for our woven accessories are different from our knitted garments, there are several consistent factors we require to ensure each product we deliver is of only the highest quality; the length must be between 32-36mm with a micron of no more than 16, both of which guarantee superior results in garment pilling, whilst maintaining the beautifully soft handle for which cashmere is renowned.

Garments & accessories manufactured using low grade cashmere quickly pill & lose shape. But by using our experience and uncompromising approach to raw material selection, our products promise the highest standards in quality, comfort & longevity.

Heritage Cashmere constantly travel to China in pursuit of the finest cashmere fibres and as all our cashmere is bought directly from Inner Mongolia and meticulously inspected before manufacturing, we are able to control the consistency & final finished quality of each and every one of the cashmere products we deliver.