Creative design, development & supply of luxury cashmere accessories & cashmere knitwear
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Through CAD simulations, lab dips and sampling, we work closely with you when developing new products

New Product Design

Since 1997, we've been manufacturing innovative, exclusive cashmere products made to order and our bespoke design service is available on all of our products.

Heritage Cashmere offer a transparent design service to ensure that the product is right for you, allowing you to adapt many or all of the product's features:


If you like any of our designs on this website, as a trade customer, you can re-colour them to fit perfectly within your own collections. To help the choice, we have a shade card of 120 colours whose dye formulas are known, but we also match to pantones, images, material swatches or counter-samples.


We can tailor the length & width of all our products, or change the grading of our knitwear specifications to suit your needs.

Fibre Blends

Heritage Cashmere work with all natural fibres, and we've manufactured products using many new & alternative blends to offer our customers more choice. Any one of our woven products can be changed into new blends, and whilst the following are popular blends available for our woven scarves, there are no limits:

100% Cashmere
95% Lambswoool, 5% Cashmere
90% Lambswoool, 10% Cashmere
70% Lambswool, 30% Cashmere
50% Lambswool, 50% Cashmere

New Showroom

Our showroom is home to over 200 unique cashmere scarves & stoles which can be tailored to suit your collections.

At the start of each season, we encourage our customers to view the archive of products as it is often a good place to start seasonal developments. If you'd like to visit, please do not hesitate to contact us .